September 2013 is the month of new libraries from webforge. We're spending a lot of time to release new open source libraries. We're crafting, we're dangling and keeping the oven hot to melt in new stuff from new existing technologies on the web.

We were very unsatisfied about the current status of package managers in the javascript frontend community. No, we didn't start to build a new package manager! Instead of reinventing the wheel, we got our hands down on npm and developed shimney, a solution for package dependency for javascript. Watch out for requirejs packages coming down the shimney on december.

We noticed a few months ago, that Joose is not that performant (and still maintained) as we would like to. But we have a codebase from 150 classes and more than 100 tests written in Joose that would need to be transformed to another javascript class library. We still like the Joose syntax, so we build our own compiler to give our classes a boost. So we developed Cojoko, a compiling high level class system for JavaScript

So lately there was a lot of javascript coding, requirejs configuring, task running and a lot of fun using the new toolsets and technologies like knockout, grunt, mocha, chai.